Papa John’s Sacks Delivery Drivers for ‘Butt-Dialed’ Racist Rant

Carver called Papa — headquarters who issued a statement saying the car was not an employee — denied any affiliation with the prank. But carver isn’t so sure he wants to know exactly how the caller got his number and for those wondering — says he gave a 10% — This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. ABC News Live Prosecutor ‘Prayed’ for Zimmerman to Testify Lawyers suggest George Zimmerman was a coward for not taking the stand in his own defense. How Pregnant Kate Middleton Spent Her Weekend Royal watchers are on the edge of their seats as the royal heir is close to arriving. Obama Urges Zimmerman Protestors to Remain Calm Protests break out across the country after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder charges. Zimmerman Lawyer: ‘This Is The Worst Time in His Life’ George Stephanopoulos talks with George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys. ‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith Found Dead in Vancouver The actor who played Finn on the hit musical show was found unresponsive in his hotel room. Martin’s Parents: ‘We Will Define Our Son’s Legacy’ Attorneys for Trayvon Martin’s parents Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson talk with Robin Roberts. Cory Monteith Found Dead in Hotel Room The star from the popular show “Glee” was found dead in Vancouver. Photog Calls Suri Cruise a ‘Little Brat’ Amid Paparazzi Swarm Photographer’s comment is just one of many events that fuel call to restrict paparazzi. George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty The man who was accused of second degree murder for shooting Trayvon Martin is a free man.
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Company CEO and Chairman John Schnatter has since issued a groveling apology for the incident, in which a customer in Sanford, Fla., was subjected to multiple N-bombs and accusations that African Americans dont tip. By contrast, the customer insists he actually tipped 21% as usual. (WATCH: Play at Your Own Risk: Hell Pizzas Scorching Pizza Roulette ) In the accidental message, which the customer posted to Youtube (warning: offensive language), one of the delivery drivers is heard asking, Did he tip you? To which his co-worker replies: Nope, not at all. I guess thats the only requirement for being a nr in Sanford. They then proceed to sing an expletive-filled song almost entirely comprised of racial slurs. The four-minute clip has now gone viral and generated more than 180,000 views in under a week.This is highly offensive, derogatory, and ignorant, the customer posted below the video.I am appalled that there were no managers or supervisors from stopping this kind of conversation in the workplace. The branch manager told The Daily Dot that he has received more than 300 angry phone calls since the video was published. Sanford is still reeling from racial tensions after the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year. The case is due to go to trial in June. (MORE: Trayvon Martin Murder Trial: George Zimmermans Defense Fund Is Almost Broke ) Schnatter issued an apologized on the companys Facebook page on Monday. Friends, I am extremely concerned to learn about the reprehensible language used by two former employees in one of our restaurants, he wrote.
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Papa John’s Employee’s Racist Voicemail Lands Company In Hot Water (AUDIO) [NSFW]

The customer posted the racist Papa John’s voicemail online. In the video, the customer says his pizza cost $15.26, adding that he gave a 21 percent tip. He detailed his shock and disgust in the video’s description: This is highly offensive, derogatory, and ignorant. I am appalled that there were no managers or supervisors (the managers and/ supervisors may even be the ones speaking throughout the recording…who knows) from stopping this kind of conversation in the work place. Everybody has a right to their opinions, however, there is a time and place to express them. As an African-American in this community and also someone who has always tipped their Delivery Drivers 21%+, I am disgusted entirely by this conversation. Instead of focusing on “better ingredients” and “better pizza”, they should prioritize “better integrity” and “better people” on the top of their “to-do list.” John Schnatter, chairman and CEO of Papa John’s, posted his own apology on Facebook Monday. He revealed the two employees involved in the “reprehensible” message were immediately fired, as they “defy both my personal and the company’s values.” “My heartfelt apology goes out to the customer involved, his family, and our community at large,” Schnatter wrote. “I am very sorry that anyone would be exposed to these hurtful and painful words by any person involved in any way with our company. Thank you for your important comments.
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Papa John’s Rated No. 1 among All National Pizza Chains by Prestigious American Customer Satisfaction Index

Papa Johns is the Official Pizza Sponsor of the National Football League and Super Bowl XLVII. For more information about the company or to order pizza online, visit Papa Johns at , or visit us on Facebook at , on Twitter at , or on our blog at . About ACSI The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is a national economic indicator of customer evaluations of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in the United States. The ACSI uses data from interviews with roughly 70,000 customers annually as inputs to an econometric model for measuring customer satisfaction with more than 230 companies in 48 industries and 10 economic sectors, as well as over 100 services, programs, and websites of federal government agencies. ACSI results are released on a monthly basis, with all measures reported using a scale of 0 to 100. ACSI data have proven to be strongly related to a number of essential indicators of micro and macroeconomic performance. For example, firms with higher levels of customer satisfaction tend to have higher earnings and stock returns relative to competitors. Stock portfolios based on companies that show strong performance in ACSI deliver excess returns in up markets as well as down markets. And, at the macro level, customer satisfaction has been shown to be predictive of both consumer spending and gross domestic product growth.
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