Papa Johns Coupons 2013: 50% Off on Regular Price Pizza

HOT Deals of the Day: Papa John’s, Home Depot Free Kid Workshop and More

a Click to get 50% Off on Regular Price Pizza Compared to many of its competitors, Papa Johnas offers a plethora of Papa Johns Coupons . As one of the most respected companies known for their delicious pizzas made from the freshest and healthiest ingredients possible, Papa Johnas is dedicated to helping customers enjoy fresh and hot pizza, even from the comfort of your own home. Founded by John Schnatter in Louisville, Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains in the US, where millions of people globally enjoy the pizza, bread sticks, several flavors of chicken wings, dessert pizzas, spinach alfredo, grilled chicken club, Hawaiian barbecue chicken and other delicious food. As the third largest take-out and delivery pizza restaurant chain in the United States, Papa Johnas is a company that aims to provide its customers with the best pizza on the market. With headquarters in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, near Louisville, the company has been serving up “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” since 1984 – and in addition to superior ingredients, their pizzas are made with zero trans fat. Papa Johnas prides themselves in providing their customer with healthy and fresh ingredients, an extensive selection of tasty combinations of crusts and toppings prices that keep you coming back, and an enjoyable shopping experience. Customers appreciate their great low prices compared to competitors, the excellent services, wide selection of more than a dozen toppings and the great sale prices with Papa Johns Coupons at their website.
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Papa John’s Obamacare Price Hike Cheered By Ian’s Pizza In Wisconsin

And this cheesy enterprise decides that providing health care for the employees who are central to its success is just too expensive, despite the fact that it would produce healthier, more productive employees and release the federal government and all other insured Americans from the burden of picking up the tab. Brought to you by… News Corpse The Internet’s Chronicle Of Media Decay Never mind that the company gives away millions of pizzas in promotions with the NFL, or that the total additional cost of the health care is only about $0.14 per pizza, or that the owner’s projections are that the program will only cost about $5-8 million a year (less than 1/2 of 1% of earnings) Then let’s say that this pizza vendor announces that, rather than reducing his profit margins fractionally, or finding other ways to cut costs (like the exorbitant executive salaries), he’s planning to layoff already struggling, low-income employees or reduce their hours so that they don’t qualify for health care – not to mention making it harder for them to buy groceries or pay rent. Who in their right mind would promote a campaign to support this fiendish and greedy scheme? Fox News of course. Today they are featuring two stories that directly benefit a social media effort to “Stand With Papa John.” The plan is to get people who are in favor of exacerbating the hardships of workers and their families to patronize the pizza parlor on November 16. No doubt they’ll find a few tasteless schmucks who will participate. But screwing your employees to avoid offering them health care over just 14 cents is nobodys idea of fatherly. John Schnatter has officially became America’s Deadbeat Dad.
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Meet The Coupon-Throwing Papa John’s Owner From Hell

Her answer was, Fine. You can wait. She threw the coupon back across the counter and I asked, Isnt the pizza already made? Youre going to throw it away and make a new one? She replied that she was and after commenting that that was ridiculous, I stepped back to wait. She then yelled, What do you want? I began to answer and she interrupted me, yelling, I cant HEAR you. I spoke louder and placed my order and she held out her hand for the coupon. I handed her the page of coupons and again she threw it back, saying, You have to tell me which one. I pointed it out for the third time, and she typed in the code and then threw the page away. I asked for the remaining coupons back and she snapped, Im not your secretary! At this point I asked if she were a manager and she informed me she was the co-owner. I was shocked a business owner would take part in such a display of such deplorable customer service. Of course, an employee would be fired in a minute for such belligerence.
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Get it before it runs out! Go to Panda Express on Facebook to get this offer. The next Home Depot free kid workshop is on August 3rd from 9am to 12 pm. It’s best to show up early to get a spot. Free fun! Get the latest offers from Payless Shoe Source and sign up for text coupon . Text PAYLESS to 747474 and you will know the latest deals! Grab a large, one topping pizza 50% off at Papa John’s when you order online through August 4th. Use code SAVENOW at check out. Put in your address and zip code to find out if this deal is available in your area. Enjoy your savings!
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National Papa John’s Depreciation Day – Clip This Coupon To Cut 14 Cents & Worker’s Health Care

“A lot of what drives statements like those of Papa Johns CEO are politics, not economics,” Gruber said. Schnatter, a Romney supporter who held a fundraiser for the former Republican nominee , said in August that Obamacare would cost the company between 11 and 14 cents per pizza . Subsequent analysis by Caleb Melby of Forbes found that the price increase would actually be closer 3.4 to 3.6 cents per pie. Its not going to have much of an effect on the gap in prices between Papa John’s and smaller competitors, Gruber said. That gap is much more about the efficiencies that come from being a large operator, being able to buy in bulk and things like that. Still, small business owners who already offer employees health insurance reported feeling a sense of vindication upon hearing that large restaurant chains are now being forced to consider a cost that theyve shouldered for years . Id tell Papa John’s’ CEO, Welcome to the club, Martin said. Weve battled the whole way giving health insurance to employees ever since we could afford to do it 9 years ago, as a two-year-old business. Have you worked at Papa John’s or owned a Papa John’s franchise? The Huffington Post wants to hear from you.
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